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I’ll personally teach you how to earn an income by actively trading the stock market. I’ve already helped over 20,000 people reach their goals since 2003 and I can do the same for you. You’ll need to get started by completing my Trading Strategies Course Book 1.

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If you want to make money trading stocks, you’ll need the right education. We have exactly what you need to get started. You can finish our trading strategies course book 1 in a single week end. This is the exact same course you’d have to pay $10,000 to take in our office. You can save a lot by studying at home, but I’m here to personally coach you and answer any questions you may have. You’re not alone, I’ll be with you every step of the way. So take the first and purchase our course so we can get you started on your way to successful trading this week.

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The Trading Strategies Course Book 1 is a launching pad to help you to start making money trading in the stock market in less than a week. It covers everything you need to know with lots of insider information to give you the tools and the cutting edge you'll need to start winning big.


5 reviews for Trading Strategies Course Book 1

  1. Allan So

    Jammed packed with valuable information that you can't trade without it

    I bought and read a lot of trading books in the last 3 years, and I started trading 2 years ago on the basis of what I thought I had learned. The result has been less than desirable. The only reason why it wasn’t devastating was I am not a gambler, gambling my money away. I concur with Ryan that “if you didn’t make at least $100,000 a year from trading, you’re just not a good trader”. In fact, making at least $100,000 a year has been my goal, and yet I knew I couldn’t reach this goal with my ability. At this stage, although I knew a “holy grail” does not exist, I wasn’t convinced that a clear set of entry and exit rules for various market conditions could not be developed, and I kept my eyes open for somebody’s books and courses that would do just that.

    Fortunately for me, I have recently come across Ryan Cooper’s StockTeacher Methods as taught in his Trading Strategies Course, Books 1 & 2. If you’re like me, having already possessed some background about trading, while searching for rules that you can identify with, you’ll fall in love with Ryan’s work. You can truly appreciate that only a real trader can create a course like this, with all kinds of essential entry and exit rules geared for various market conditions, with clear explanation, but without a whole lot of the “text book” stuff that wastes your time.

    If you are a day trader, Ryan’s books are absolutely jammed packed with valuable information that you can’t trade without it.

    I can truly appreciate that even people with a full time job like myself can adopt a great deal of this information for Swing Trading as well. I am hoping that Ryan will one day devote time and effort into a book on Swing Trading alone.



  2. Walter

    This review was helpful. Thank you

  3. Lincoln

    I work afternoons, so I was happy to learn the 10 am reversal play. I get ready at 9:30 am at the opening bell, I’m about to learn how to trade this time zone in the next chapter, but for now the first five minutes of trading is a bit too fast for an old man like myself.

    I start each morning watching my list of 30 stocks for the best 10 reversal pattern in my list, and make my trade right at 10 am, then I sell right at 10:30 or hold onto the big winners until 11:15-11:25. Then I go flat, closing all my positions. I was able to manage two trades at the same time last Thursday, it was a bit nerve-racking for me, but also exciting because two stocks met the criteria in a big way.

    After trading I print out the charts, mark my entry and exits, that way I can learn for my wins and loses. Then I eat lunch and go into my day job that I shall be quitting very soon, hopefully. If I can consistently earn like I have the past 2 week. I’m hoping it’s not begginers luck. So far, the strategies layout in this course are working for me.

  4. Jay Stockton

    I found this course to contain some very valuable knowledge that I would not want to trade without because I’d go back to losing my money instead of generating some pretty amazing returns.

  5. S. Kandiah

    4 star

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