As CEO and Founder of Stock Teacher I'm Going To Personally Help You Learn To Make A Living Trading Stocks

The Stock Teacher Method gained popularity in 2003 and it's trading strategies have been improved upon ever since. We make day trading easy and fun, because it's always good times when you're successful.

Stock Teacher will do everything to make you rich trading stocks. All we think about is making money for you. After you figure out how to make money, you need to teach other people how to make money. You have a fulfilled life once you make people rich..

I'm personally going to hold your hand until you're rich. Trading for a living is not so complicated. I'll show you how it's done and you can replicate exactly what I do

You need to take our stock market course and learn to daytrade for a living. Always remember we are trading people, not stocks. Prices reflect peoples emotions and not the underlying fundamentals. People are very emotional about Tesla's Stock right now.

Update Jan 13th 2023.

The 2023 Crash is also coming, inflation staying high

Cheap labour from China is disappearing. Just in time delivery is also leaving. So higher capital costs are here to stay and so is inflation. So get ready for 3-4% inflation for a long period of time. Get ready for interest rates stay stay higher than the previous years. The world has changed and it's not going back to the cheap prices that we were used to.

Stock Picks

Stocks to keep on your radar. RIO (Rio Tinto) pays 13% and I found it when trading at 55 per share. Sorry for sharing a few months too late. Keep an eye if it dips back down to the high 50's. It's a 5 year long term hold. There is some Geo Political risk from its South African operations.

Are you ready for the big 2022 stock market crash?

In summer 2021, the stock markets keep rising while businesses are shutting down and employees are getting laid off. The worse the economy is, the more money they print and give out causing a super bubble that's not going to end well. We might be in the largest bubble in American History. So we have been short selling the market in 2021 and holding onto these shorts. Our focus has been shorting gaming stocks like TTWO and EA. Now that the printing press will be slowing down and the pandemic has shifted, I don't expect gaming stocks to do so well this year. They got into a huge bubble.

It's because banks have very low interest rates and they just just keep printing trillions and trillions of dollars to try to keep the system afloat. But printing money won't save us from tightening our belts. Even with the West vaccinated, the Pandemic might not be over for Global travel until 2024 and we'll still have the virus around for at least another decade in clusters rising up. The economy is screwed up big time, don't loose sight of the bigger picture. Once interest rates rise, there will be a domino effect and the house of cards will come crashing down, fast.

2021-2022 housing market bubble

No one is traveling and renting all those BnB's whose owner's are mortgaged to the max, but the housing market is rising and there's a shortage of homes available for sale. How is this possible? Why isn't there a flood of houses on the market when all these BnB owners can't make mortgage payments? Maybe many people bought a second, third or even fourth home. Well, quantitive easing and low interest rates have just delaying the inevitable. The housing crash will be more delayed than the stock market crash, but it will arrive. All these cash handouts have delayed the defaults on mortgages, but that's coming soon. The defaults will have a ripple effect into 2022 and housing may hit bottom prices in late 2023-2024.

The Big Stock Crash

The big stock crash started in 2021 and it's staying around for a long time because China is closing its borders and the UK left the EU. It was all this Globalization that created so much wealth, and the party is over. WWIII may be brewing in Europe and Russia and an incident accidental or not becomes more likely. Maybe a missile accidentally hits NATO Territory. With stakes so high and nerves on edge, something small can turn into something big.

Remember that bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. And this market has been very greedy. Don't listen to a random person on the internet, do your own due diligence.

2021 stock market bubble

The economy is getting filled with hot air and the bubble is gigantic, even larger than it was in 2008. When the bubble pops soon, it's going to pop big time.

The stock market game is the biggest game in town

Day trading and swing trading are games, and you better be a savvy trader because you're about to hear good news about a vaccine becoming available and distributed and I'm betting the markets will sell off. So I'm short on the markets. I'm betting the biggest crash of my lifetime is coming.

Economy is so bad but stocks go up

Interests rates are at zero because the economy is doing so badly. Interest rates are usually raised to keep a fast growing economy in check, rising rates is a sign the economy is good. The stock market is like a casino, so if you're not an educated speculator you shouldn't be gambling. So get educated, hedge your bets and spot trading opportunities.

day trading tips GT

Above is an example of a typical everyday opportunity. I'm not going to show you something that only rarely occurs, and I'm not going to exagerate any profits.

$60,000 profit on a single trade is peanuts. If you would of sold GT at 32 instead of 26, you would of profited $120,000. But you have to trade following my rules, and the rule said to sell at 26. Just look at this;

GT formed a perfect set up, a doji on heavy volume. Do you see those red and black bars in the background, that's the amount of volume, and when you see the volume increase after a sell-off and a doji, it signals the bottom and it's a perfect entry point at 20.

The next few candles have nice upside on strong volume, confirming the trend has reversed and you are going to make some money. You get a sell signal at $26 when that red candle trades below the low of the previous day's candle. 

Making money isn't rocket science. You just need to stick to my rules and not be emotional. If you can do that, you'll be able to pull out unlimited amounts of profits.  

After you make your first trade the biggest problem you'll face will be how you'll ever spend all your winnings.

I know exactly how to guide you. I am positive that I can easily help you get on the right track to trading well, because I have been doing it for so many years now. I started day trading full-time back in the 1990's when stocks still traded using fractions. It was easy to scalp 3/4 of a point from Market Makers back then using 1000 share lots. That's $750 profit for a single buy and a single sell order that took less than a minute to complete. I was making hundred of trades a day back then, some days I would complete over 800 trades and come out a huge winner.

While I was working at the largest day trading firm in my country as a proprietary trader, I was notice by some big players because I was the top trader and such a consistent player with big wins. I gave permission for them to shadow my account and after two weeks of them watching me trade and win, I was offered a job and I took a position running a hedge fund.

Just like all professionals, we have experience and information that helps us succeed, and I'm going to share everything I know so I can help you to start earning money so you can have your own Ferarri, a giant mansion and the 5-Star vacations you deserve.

Step-by-step instructions

We take everything complicated about trading and simplify it. You will how to trade with our proven step-by-step education methods.

I'll be your mentor to riches

I'm going to personally help you each step of the way. I will be your personal coach and mentor. I want to help you get on the road to riches as soon as possible.

Freedom to work globally

Now you can enjoy a career in any time zone and work the hours you want. Hopefully I can help you trade so well that in a short period of time, you may have the choice to retire.

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I have known Ryan Cooper for over three years and over that time he has proven himself to me to be one of the most knowledgeable traders in North America. I have taught trading courses charging up to $6000 USD and I know that Ryan’s program is an incredible value. This course puts complex strategies in a format that is simple to follow. Ryan already has a reputation as a great trader and with this book I think he will also have a reputation as a great trading author.

- Brad Hopkins, Trading Manager Swift Trade Securities

Ryan Cooper has an excellent reputation as a stock trading educator almost without equal. His courses and methods are widely used by traders of all levels, for swing trading, day trading and longer term investing. His style is best described as 'easy on the brain' with everything explained in as simple a fashion as possible. 


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